Predicting the future with CloudProphet

If we are going to reduce the carbon footprint of data centers we need to use computing resources more efficiently. If processes always made use of data center facilities in a regular way, it would be an easy game. However, the resources of a data center are used by customers (more often customers of customers) in ways that are not only unpredictable, but lacking in transparency – even in real time. Data center staff are […]

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Feature Article in EPFL News

The School of Engineering has published the following news about Heating Bits The cloud is ever-growing and, as a consequence, data centers are multiplying in size and number. The situation is difficult to manage. To meet demand, outdated and inefficient technology is often being used to provide quick solutions. Cooling systems are frequently unwieldy and energy inefficient, with little or no use made of the wasted heat. The carbon footprint of data centers is soaring. […]

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National Centres of Competence in Research – NCCR

From sustainable architecture to the evolutionary origins of language to quantum computers: the NCCRs fund long-term research projects on topics of strategic importance to Switzerland. Submission deadline: Sixth series: Call for proposals November 2023 NCCRs are aimed at established researchers in Switzerland who wish to pursue a long-term research project on a topic of strategic importance. The NCCR management is always based at a Swiss higher education institution. NCCRs are backed by one or more […]

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